We are Trycom Technology Co., Ltd. is young, dynamic and continually growing company with a young team engaged in the field of industrial automation.manufacturer specializing in industrial converters.

Trycom Technology Co.,Ltd. has founded in 2002 and extensively sold products more than 40 countries worldwide.Manufacturer of industrial converters, our company is a Taiwan-based industrial communication converter and digital input/output And analog input RS-485 module and other major suppliers of products, our products Multi-national certification and environmental testing, marketing more than 40 countries. 100% of the company full range of products are in Taiwan Development. Manufacturing. Inspection. Power source imported from Japan. The company products are currently operating in Taiwan.Chunghwa Telecom power supply room and MRT station and many solar energy monitoring system companies alsoThere are many monitoring, access control, instrument control system engineering and listing and other companies.

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The main products of Trycom Technology include:

*Multi-port RS232 to RS422/485 optical isolation converter series.

*Multi-port USB to RS232/RS422/485 optical isolation converter series.

*Multi-port network to RS232/422/485 optical isolation converter series.

*Modbus TCP to RTU/ASCII Gateway.

*Modbus TCP Digital I/O series.

*Isolate AIO, DIO RS485 remote module series.

*Bluetooth wireless to RS232/422/485 converter.

*Optical fiber to RS232/422/485 isolated converter.

*Optical fiber network converter.

~~ and other products.


Our Promise

  • Have stock on hand & logistics support to reduce your overall logistics costs.
  • Have sold more than 40 countries. With many years’ versatile experience in customer support, rich problem-solving skills to grow your company together.
  • Our technical expertise is a major feature of our company.
  • We are intent on providing our customers with the highest quality converter products available on any market.
  • We are proud of our reputation and always strive to offer optimum solutions for client applications.
  • Our goal is to establish a long-term and closepartnership with customers.