TRP-C29U       USB to 8-channel isolated digital input and 8-channel digital output (O.C) , Support ASCII and Modbus RTU Protocol.


TRP-C29U is USB to serial interface that provides with 8 optical isolated digital input channels and 8-channel digital output open collector. All channel features screw terminals for convenient connection of field signals as well as LED’s to indicate channel status. Input channels are equipped with 3750Vms DC isolation . For easy user access, TRP-C29U can enter configuration mode and self-test mode with outer dip-switch. TRP-C29U support both ASCII and Modbus protocol, with a full set of command, dual watch-dog, and auto reset function. the module can be bi-directionally remote controlled by PC in ASCII or Modbus RTU protocol.


  • USB directly power  supply input.
  • System get a serial com port when USB plug in.
  • Support ASCII and Modbus RTU protocol.
  • Supports baud rates from 1.2Kbps to 115.2 Kbps.
  • All 8 channels digital input can be used as counter.
  • Digital input signal with 3750Vrms isolation protection.
  • Dual watchdog: Module’s firmware, host computer traffic.
  • LED for each channels working status.
  • DIN rail and panel mount support.
  • Configured and self-test by outer dip-switch.
  • Support screw terminal.
  • Driver Support: Android/Win10/Win8.1/Vista64/32,Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/WIN 7/CE5.0~7.0 , and Linux, and Mac OS .


  • Built-in USB 2.0 to serial bridge.
  • Input channel: 8 digital input channels.
  • Input optical isolation: 3750 Vrms.
  • Input logical level 0 +/-1V (max).
  • Input logical level 1 +/-4.0V ~ +/-30V.
  • Digital Input can be used as counter channel:8
  • Input counter :Dec 0~65535(max) or Hex 0000~FFFF(max).
  • Input impedance: 3Kohm.
  • Input Counter frequency: 100Hz.
  • Input distance: 500M (max).
  • Output Maximum voltage: +/-30V.
  • Output Maximum current: 100 mA.  
  • Digital output isolation: 3750Vrms.
  • Communication interface: USB .
  • Communication speed: Baud rate from 1.2kbps to 115.2Kbps.
  • Dual watchdog: Hardware reset circuit, module and host operating status.
  • Signal LED: Power on, all channels.
  • Power supply: Directly input  from USB .
  • Connection type: Screw terminal, accepts AWG #12~32 wires
  • Power consumption: 1.2W.
  • Operating environment: -10 to 50℃.
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 70℃.
  • Humidity: 10-90% Non-condensing.
  • Dimension: 151mm X 75mm X 26mm .
  • Weight: 400g .


LI-USB2.0-A/B  (Option)

1.8M USB 2.0 A to B cable

DIN-RAIL-R (Option)

DIN rail mounting adapter