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TRP-C68H     Isolated 8 Channel Analog Input Modbus TCP Module

Support TRP-ASCII, Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol


The TRP-C68H is an 8-ch analog Input differential isolation module that can read the voltage or current value from the web-based. 
The user can read the Analog input value from the web-based that includes the smartphone.
Each channel allows the user to input the DC voltage or current.
The watchdog function ensures TRP-C68H can running very stable without the firmware crash.
the We built-in safety surge protection prevents the spark and damage analog chipsets at each channel.
There are 3 protocols auto-detect that include ASCII and Modbus TCP RTU / ASCII.
The watchdog function ensures running stable in the harsh environment.
It allows connecting 1~8 sets of host IP in the network security.


  •    Wide input range DC power supply.

  •    Automatically determine 3 TRP-ASCII and Modbus RTU/ASCII communication protocol.

  •    16 TCP Port can be open at the same time.

  •    Heart Beat function ensures a reliable communicating connection.

  •    Maximum 8 sets host IP that limits network access.

  •    Support Virtual-COM mode.

  •    The web-based can be directly read analog value status.

  •    It is easy to update the firmware by LAN interface.

  •    Back to factory configuration by external touch button.

  •    Auto reconnection when power or Ethernet fail.

  •    Digital input signal from +/- 0 to 30V DC.

  •    Built-in surge absorbers in each relay N.C and N.O.

  •    Built-In watchdog function prevents system boot fail. 

  •    LED for each I/O channels working status.

  •    Support Auto-MDIX twisted pair crossover detection and Auto-Correction.

  •    Power/Link LED indicator.

  •    DIN-Rail and panel mount support.

  •    Dual power input selects from screw terminal or DC-Jack.





  • Resolution: 16 bit/24bit.

  • Sample rate: 24 BIT Normal mode: 10 sample / sec.

  •                    16 BIT Fast Mode: 60 sample / sec.

  • Bandwidth: Normal Mode: 15.72Hz.

  •             Fast Mode:/78.72Hz.

  •             Zero drift: 0.03uV/C .

  •             Span drift: 25 ppm/C.

  • Accuracy: Normal 0.1 or better.

  •                         Fast: 0.5 or better.

  • Analog Input range: Voltage:10V,5V,2.5V,1.25V,650mV..

  •                     Current: +/-20mA. CMRR:92 db min/50/60Hz

  • Analog input over voltage protection: +/- 48V.

  • Power Input Voltage DC +10V to +30V.

  • Protocol: TRP-ASCII and Modbus RTU/ASCII.

  • Input channel:8-ch analog Input differential

  • Input optical isolation: 3750 Vrms.

  • Communication interface: Ethernet RJ45.

  • Configuration mode: Device Manager, WEB settings.

  • Heart Beat: TCP Port sent string every 5 seconds.

  • TCP Maximum Connection:1~16.

  • Module ID: 1~255.

  • Connection type: Screw terminal for maximum AWG 12 wire.

  • Power supply: Screw terminal, or external DC adapter.

  • Power consumption 320mA/12V.

  • Operating environment: 0 to 50J.

  • Storage temperature: -10 to 70J.

  • Humidity: 10~90% Non-condensing.

  • Dimension: 151mm X 75mm X 26mm.

  • Weight: 395g.

@ @
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Input:100~240VAC 50/60Hz 260mA

Output: DC 12V/1A

Certificate: CE, FCC, UL, PSE

US Specification  

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